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Finding Alcoholism Treatment

The type and length of stay in an alcoholism treatment program ultimately depends upon the severity of your alcoholism and your resources. Generally speaking, most patients will require completion of a medically monitored alcohol detox program before they can advance to an alcoholism treatment program.

When choosing an inpatient alcoholism treatment program, you would be wise to make sure the program includes:

  • An alcohol detox program located within its own facility
  • A medically-monitored alcohol detox program that includes 24-hour nursing
  • A physician trained in addiction medicine (ASAM-certified)
  • A comprehensive family component
  • An intensive relapse prevention program
  • A dual diagnosis treatment program if necessary
  • A license by the state and accreditation through the JCAHO
When choosing an alcohol rehab program or inpatient alcohol treatment program you would be wise to make sure they, as a minimum, provide the following alcohol rehab services:

  • an alcohol detox program within their own alcohol rehab facility
  • an alcohol detox program that is medically monitored and has 24 hour nursing
  • an alcohol detox program with a physician trained in addiction medicine
  • the alcohol rehab program has a comprehensive family component
  • the alcohol rehab program has an intensive relapse prevention program
  • the alcohol rehab program has a dual diagnosis treatment program to attend
  • the alcohol rehab program is licensed by the state and has received its JCAHO accreditation

If you seem concerned about the alcohol consumption of someone you care for or see other showing similar concern for you, seek the help of a medical expert at any Somerville rehab center. Treatment is possible and highly recommended.

Dont ignore the issue! Alcohol addiction has claimed lives of many. Value your life and get help now!

We will make sure that you are prepared for life after you complete rehab. We know you can succeed with the valuable knowledge and skills that we will give you. Don't let another minute pass you by, it could mean your life.

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What To Expect:

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  • 12-Step Small Group Therapy
  • Safe Medically Supervised Detox and Rehab
  • A Complete Dual Diagnosis Rehab Facility

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